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Based in Indianapolis, David E. Dearing, Attorney at Law, represents clients throughout Indiana in environmental and land use issues. Having more than 20 years of environmental law experience, attorney David E. Dearing is committed to protecting the interests of private individuals, homeowners, farmers, real estate developers and businesses which have a stake in environmental decisions across the state.

Whether your legal matter involves an environmental law violation, wetlands regulation, or a land use and zoning issue, the firm is prepared to handle your case.

Detailed Knowledge Of Laws

Attorney Dearing worked for the government for nearly 10 years, handling litigation relating to the Clean Water Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and Superfund. He has thorough understanding of the relevant administrative laws and statutory regulations. Further, he has published several articles on wetlands and waste regulations and regularly teaches seminars on federal wetlands regulations at Wetlands Training Institute.

Mr. Dearing represents clients in administrative proceedings, as well as in the federal and state courts. He has represented clients at trial in federal courts in several states and has argued cases before several U.S. Courts of Appeal. Moreover, he has represented clients in administrative proceedings before the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Lawyer Committed To Finding Effective Solutions For Clients

Attorney Dearing is dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective legal services to clients. His goal is to reach effective solutions designed to meet each client’s objectives. At the negotiation table or in the courtroom, he will be prepared to protect your interests.

Speak With An Indianapolis Real Estate Law Attorney

To discuss how Mr. Dearing can assist you with an environmental law or land use issue, contact the firm online or call the office locally at 317-608-6110 or toll free at +1-888-832-3035. During a complimentary consultation, he will provide an honest evaluation of your circumstances, interpret the law in plain language and explain your options.

The firm offers flexible office hours by appointment. Off-site appointments are available by request.

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