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Handling Clean Water Act 404 Permit Issues

David E. Dearing, Attorney at Law, assists private individuals, farmers, real estate developers and others throughout Indiana with wetlands regulation issues. With more than 20 years of environmental law experience, attorney David E. Dearing provides sound advice to those who wish to modify wetlands or carry out an activity in a body of open water. He also provides representation for those who have been accused of violating an environmental law or regulation.

Representing Farmers

Attorney Dearing has extensive knowledge regarding the Swampbuster program. If farmers alter wetlands on their property, they risk losing all the benefits they receive from the Department of Agriculture. Attorney Dearing helps farmers understand the scope of wetlands jurisdiction and identify wetlands on their property. He also represents farmers accused of altering wetlands in administrative hearings and proceedings, fighting to maintain his clients’ benefits.

Wetlands Permitting

Referred to as the 404 program, the federal wetlands law generally requires a permit before anyone can fill an aquatic area with dirt, sand, gravel or other material that raises the elevation of the area. Mr. Dearing works with clients in obtaining permits. In addition, he represents clients in administrative appeals and enforcement actions, where the regulatory agency’s jurisdiction is questionable or the work may have fallen under an exemption or automatic permit.

Benefit From Legal Representation

Individuals and businesses accused of violating environmental laws or regulations face potential civil and criminal penalties. They may be forced to pay heavy fines, put a project on hold or restore property to its original condition, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Sometimes, however, clients carry out work in such a manner that it falls under a state or federal exemption or automatic permit. Generally, this type of work has only a minor impact and has been executed in an environmentally-responsible fashion, such as the construction of a dock. An experienced environmental lawyer can determine if your project meets the necessary requirements.

An attorney can also save you time and money by letting you know if you need a permit for your planned activities, helping you comply with environmental laws. This will save you the time and expense of litigation.

Speak With An Indiana Wetlands Regulation Attorney

To discuss your wetland regulation concern, contact David E. Dearing, Attorney at Law, online or call 317-608-6110 or +1-888-832-3035 to arrange a free consultation. From the office in Indianapolis, the firm represents clients throughout Indiana.

The firm offers flexible office hours by appointment. Off-site appointments are available by request.

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