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David E. Dearing, Attorney at Law, in Indianapolis, represents individuals, homeowners and businesses throughout the state in a range of land use and zoning issues. As your lawyer, attorney David E. Dearing will deal with the relevant regulatory agencies, such as zoning commissions, as well as any neighborhood boards or neighbors who may object to a zoning, re-zoning or variance issue. He also defends clients accused of violating zoning laws and represents homeowners in disputes with homeowners associations regarding covenant violations.

Land Use And Zoning

Laws and regulations regarding land use and zoning are complex. Attorney David E. Dearing handles issues involving:

  • Zoning: If you wish to build a hospital, home or other building on a piece of property, you must ensure the property is zoned for such a structure. Mr. Dearing advises clients about zoning requirements for land throughout Indiana.
  • Re-zoning: If you want to use property for a different purpose than what it is currently zoned for, you must seek re-zoning permission. For example, property may need to be re-zoned from residential to commercial or agricultural to industrial. If permission is granted, attorney David E. Dearing will identify any covenants that must be complied with.
  • Variances: If you need an exception to zoning requirements, Mr. Dearing can help. For example, if a homeowner wishes to add a story to his or her house or a land developer wants to build a home on one-third acre rather than one-half acre, it is possible to exceed zoning restrictions.

Eminent Domain

When the state or federal government takes a landowner’s property under eminent domain, attorney David E. Dearing works to ensure the homeowner gets fair market value. He also negotiates with the government regarding the date the owner must vacate the property. In some instances, he may be able to prevent the government from acquiring the property if the land in question is not being taken for a legitimate public purpose.

Regulatory Takings

Sometimes, government regulation of property is so restrictive that it harms the value of the land. In these cases, attorney David E. Dearing will fight for the landowner’s right to recover the lost value from the government or, in appropriate instances, to force the government to purchase the property from the landowner.

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